Research in the Department of Geography covers a broad range of topics, approaches, and sites of study. Our expertise is both conceptual and applied. Excellence comes from sustained specialization, emergent exploration, and interdisciplinary collaboration both within and beyond the Department. Our research activities cover topics in the areas of climate Change, Catchments, Hydrological Processes and Water Resources, Water Resources aspects, Droughts and Floods, Food security, Sediment and erosion processes, Hydro-geomorphological studies. Risk Management and conservation in semi-arid zones, wetland restoration. The Department maintains a data base for satellite images and a number of GIS and remote sensing software for research. Our focus is on geographical aspects of natural and human resources as desired in industry and society.

Student Fieldwork

Fieldwork forms a very important component of Geography and it is a requirement. Various field activities are carried out by the students which form part of the degree. At undergraduate level, all Geography and social studies students participate in field study trips